Persuasion is the art of inspiring or changing minds through logic, charm or sheer, glib fast-talking. Though it can be taught to varying degrees of success, most characters with the Skill possess a natural talent and have honed it over years through trial and error, practicing their delivery until it rolls effortlessly off the tongue. Persuasion is the Skill of convincing others by force of personality alone, making one’s point through carefully chosen words, body language and emotion.

  • Possessed by: Con artists, Barons, Merchants, Courtiers, Advocates,
  • Specialties: Fast-Talking, Inspiring Troops, Motivational Speeches, Sales Pitches, Seduction, List Deeds

General Roll Results
  • Success:Your character convinces the subject to accept her assertions.
  • Exceptional Success: Your character convinces the subject completely, to the extent that the target trusts your character’s opinion implicitly and accepts further assertions on faith. Not only is the customer eager to take the loan, he trusts your character to fill out the terms of the contract and signs without reading them.
  • Failure: Your character does not convince her subject.
  • Dramatic Failure: Your character not only fails to persuade someone, she actively inspires a negative opinion in her subject. Not only does she fail to sell the horse, for example, the customer is encouraged to shop elsewhere.