Flawed.... aren't we all?
In one way or another, we all have hindrances that make us who we are. If you are one that enjoys playing the tragic side of your PC, making it more well rounded, you may select from the FLAWS to bring into play on The Badlands Chronicles. If there is a flaw that is not list here that you would like to use for your Character, please contact Staff concerning something different or specific.

• Each Flaw taken must be +Noted on the PC and approved by staff.
• Flaws may be temporary or permanent, depending on the nature of the Flaw and the PC's intentions.
• If Staff deems that a Flaw has been sufficiently overcome via RP then the PC could lose the Flaw.
• Events in the game, via RP, might inflict one of the following Flaws or others on a PC by Staff.
• Rewards may be given by Staff to the PC who incorporates their flaws into their RP.


Merit Description
Addiction Your character is hooked on a certain substance or behavior. If he doesn't get it regularly, he gets anxious and goes out of his way to satisfy his need, even neglecting more important duties. If he goes three or more game sessions without indulging this addiction, he is assumed to have beaten it (your character loses the Flaw). The Storyteller is free to inflict harsh withdrawal symptoms, however. Note: Satisfying this particular addiction does not count as indulging a Vice such as Gluttony. No Willpower points are gained for doing so.
Amnesia Your character can't remember a certain period of it's past. This may be due to a physical or psychological trauma and memories might come back at the most unexpected or inopportune moments. In addition, one might not remembers allies or enemies from their past. This might hurt others feelings. Your Storyteller has final say on your character's history, and some things may come back to surprise you.
Coward Your character is afraid to confront unknown situations, and hesitates when he should act boldly.
Forgetful Your character forgets things a lot. This is not amnesia. This is just a horrible memory. What was the name of that book someone has already told you the name of three times before you got all the way down the hall? So sorry, started thinking about puppies and forgot! Again.
Headstrong Your character is often brash, and leaps into situations without stopping to think through why that might be a very, very bad idea.
Illiterate Your character cannot read, and may only recognize simple words and symbols/sign his name.
Impossible Standard Your character is held to strict and exacting demands, of which failure has its own consequences. This may include examples such as extremes of "gentlemanly" behaviour, upholding honour, or perhaps fealty to others. .
Learning Disability Your character has trouble learning new things. This could be APD, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Dyslexia or other similar neurological disorders. Choose a specific type when requesting this flaw. May not be resolved.
Nightmares Dreams with an intensity higher than your character's Resolve score become nightmares, keeping the new intensity. Roll Resolve + Composure upon waking. Failure indicates the character did not regain their nightly point of Willpower.


Merit Description
Allergy-Mild Your character has an mild allergy of some kind. It is non-life threatening. his flaw may be taken in place of Dietary Restriction if the allergy is not food-related.
Allergy-Severe Your character has a severe allergy of some kind which will result in death if left untreated. This flaw may be taken in place of Dietary Restriction if the allergy is not food-related.
Blind Your character is blind. This may be temporary, or permanent, depending upon the cause. Any Perception rolls relying on vision alone are automatic failures. You cannot read without audio translations, Braille or similar tactile aid.
Cannibalism Your character has developed a taste for human flesh. It isn't quite an addiction, but it is a strong preference and influences your actions.
Crippled Your character is confined to a wheelchair. Your Speed is equal to your Strength attribute. In combat terms, movement requires an Instant action OR applies a -2 penalty to Speed and any action performed (i.e. you're using one arm to spin a wheel to move and the other arm to do something else).
Deaf Your character is deaf. This may be temporary, or permanent, depending upon the cause. Any Perception rolls relying on hearing alone are automatic failures. You may suffer social stigmas if your speech is affected by your lack of hearing
Dietary Restriction Your character can't eat certain foods without suffering some form of penalty. This could be food allergies, or perhaps renal failure, or any other medical/social/religious reason.
Dwarf Your character's adult Size is 4. Unlike Small-Framed, your character legitimately suffers from dwarfism, with shorter limbs and all social stigmas included. You also have one fewer health box.
Hard of Hearing Your character's hearing is not so good. Subtract two dice from any hearing-based perception rolls.
Lame Your character has a leg or foot condition that impedes movement and slows you down. The basic speed factor is 2 instead of 5 with this flaw.
Mute Your character cannot speak and must communicate through hand signs, gestures and by writing.
One Arm Your character is missing an arm, which makes it hard to perform certain tasks. Takes that normally require two hands take twice as long to perform or are impossible. If you attempt to perform a challenging task in a normal amount of time, suffer a -3 penalty.
One Eye Your character is missing an eye. It has no real depth perception, so all penalties for ranged attacks are doubled.
Poor Sight Your character's sight is not so good. Subtract two dice from any sight-based perception rolls.
Speech Impediment Your character can't speak properly, be it from a lisp, stutter or a wound of some sort causing damage to the mouth/throat/brain. This Flaw should be RPed every time your character speaks.


Merit Description
Aloof Your character holds herself aloof from others. She is uncomfortable being the center of attention, or simply doesn't enjoy the company of other people for one reason or another.
Behavior Blind Your character doesn't really understand human behavior and is blind to common social cues, other people's basic feelings, don't really know if people are being sarcastic, or if they're bored with you, etc.
Deformity Your character has a misshapen limb, terribly visible scar or some other physical affliction which might cause revulsion in others. You suffer a -2 penalty on Social rolls with new acquaintances.
Embarrassing Secret Your character has a deep dark secret which would result in shame or ostracism if anyone found out. If the secret gets out in a wide public way, you may exchange this Flaw for Notoriety instead. May or may not be resolved, depending on the nature of the secret and potential notoriety.
Enemy Your character has an enemy of some sort who goes out of their way to block him or injure him.
Expectations Your character has rigid expectations, be they of himself or others, that don't exactly fit reality. You suffer social penalties when interacting with others outside of that framework.
Fealty Your character has a master who makes decisions for her. Any time you obey your master's orders at the expense of acting on your own opinions or wishes, it is worthy of +activity. May be resolved by ditching the master, though that may have its own consequences.
Lost Love Your character was deeply in love with someone earlier in life, but lost them. Anything reminding you of that situation causes a -2 penalty on all rolls until you can escape the situation.
Notoriety Your character is notorious for doing something; this is the inverse of Fame. If you are recognized for what you did, you suffer negative reactions from others, who may no longer want anything to do with you.
Racist/Sexist Your character has biased opinions of other races, genders, gender-preference groups or cultures. He feels so strongly about it that he has a tough time staying silent when the subject comes up, even if someone in that group is right in front of him, or thoughtlessly makes comments which will make others want to pummel his face for being a jerk.
True Tongue Your character is a horrible liar. People he lies to, for whatever reason, can just tell he is deceiving them or omitting something they should know.
Untrustworthy Something about your character engenders suspicion in others, be it shifty eyes, or bad rumors spread about her past. All rolls for Persuasion, Socialize or any challenge using Manipulation are at a -2 penalty.